Would you Like A Better Price For That?

I was lucky enough to attend Catalyst this week at eBays invitation. It was a great couple of days and if I’m honest i got a lot more out of it than I thought I would.

One of the companies which came to my attention for the first time (not as a direct part of the conference) was Flubit.

The concept is a real spoiler for traditional marketplaces.

Imagine you have already decided to buy something and someone offered you a better deal. You would take it wouldn’t you?

Thats Flubit. Take a look at http://www.flubit.com/


Alarming Product

We have a static caravan on the west coast of Wales. Last winter there were a series of break-ins on the park. There isn’t a lot you can do to about this. Anyway online I went to source a ‘this caravan is alarmed’ sign. Could I find one? Not one.

Made me think it’s not often you can’t find what you want online these days – but here was one thing no-one seemed to stock – including us – and we have over 3,000 different signs.

So what does any seller do when faced with this problem? Yes we went to our supplier and got them to put some together for us –

This caravan is alarmed sign

Warning This Motorhome is Alarmed

Warning This Caravan is Alarmed

A guaranteed winner we thought – a product no-one else sells!

How many thousands have we sold?

1 (so far)

Moral of the story – do your research. Google can tell you how many searches there are for specific terms – in this case not enough to be recorded. Check out the Adwords Keyword Tool before you spend time and effort putting product together.