Alarming Product

We have a static caravan on the west coast of Wales. Last winter there were a series of break-ins on the park. There isn’t a lot you can do to about this. Anyway online I went to source a ‘this caravan is alarmed’ sign. Could I find one? Not one.

Made me think it’s not often you can’t find what you want online these days – but here was one thing no-one seemed to stock – including us – and we have over 3,000 different signs.

So what does any seller do when faced with this problem? Yes we went to our supplier and got them to put some together for us –

This caravan is alarmed sign

Warning This Motorhome is Alarmed

Warning This Caravan is Alarmed

A guaranteed winner we thought – a product no-one else sells!

How many thousands have we sold?

1 (so far)

Moral of the story – do your research. Google can tell you how many searches there are for specific terms – in this case not enough to be recorded. Check out the Adwords Keyword Tool before you spend time and effort putting product together.


What’s in a Title?

Quite a lot.

Humans use it to find your products.

Search engines use it to index stuff and therefore in helping them decide which results to present to searchers (know as SERP’s – Search Engine Results Pages).

So titles are important. Very.

Lets have a look.

So you are searching for a Torque Wrench. There are currently 2,034 listings for Torque Wrenches on eBay.

How are you going to get seen?

You could go for lowest price.

(Not a great plan if you want to make at least some profit).

Don’t get me wrong price is important – very important but by being the cheapest you could make less per sale selling 10 than if you only sold 1 at the right price. That’s 10 times less packing and 10 times less work. (we will revisit this in some detail on the forthcoming post on pricing).

Back to the point…

Or you could start with a great title.

Lots of buyers faced with 2,034 results will narrow it down. By Category and by Keywords.

Look carefully and eBay suggest both to you.

Just under the search bar is a little line of ‘Related Searches’. eBay is showing you the ones it thinks are popular

Related searches: snap on torque wrench, torque wrench 3 8, torque wrench 1 2, norbar torque wrench, torque wrench 1 4, britool torque wrench

So start there if your product is one of these use them in the title.

Notice there are no 3/8″ in there. Just 3 8. So if you are short of characters (you get 80 in eBay) then drop the “.

The default search in eBay is ‘Best Match’.

They are showing you essentially the most popular choices. So use that too – have a good look at the titles being presented to you.

Google Keywords

Have a look at the Free keywords tool at

This incredible tool can give you a lot of valuable information. Try it.

Check for both popularity and competition.

The keywords can be used in your description too to help with Optimisation.

So my new title?

‘Draper 34487 3000 1/2″ Square Drive Beam Torque Wrench 0 – 21Kg/’

(Website 65 chracters as Google likes to keep it under 70 characters)

‘New Draper 1/2″ Square Drive Beam Type Torque Wrench 0 – 21Kg/M 150Lb-Ft Sq Dv’

(eBay – 78 characters, no need to use the model number as eBay picks this up from the item specifics)

Lets see how this new listing does and how we can improve it over the coming weeks.

now we have deliberately gone in low on price? and in fact we won’t make anything on the first few sales. Why – well we do need to get some fast results. To win in the Best Match race we must have the following:

Recent Sales
Free Postage
Top Rated Seller Status

Here is an eBay search for this item – notice we didn’t need the manufacturers part number in the title.

How would you improve the listing?



Well it didn’t take long. The listing was 8 hours old and had had 23 page views and hey presto our first sale. We are now 4th in the best match results for this product.