Improving your websites perfomance Part 1

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The on-line retailing planet has been spinning for several years now but the pace of change is not slowing.

If anything it’s speeding up.

So we thought it could be a good plan to document our journey. In particular we are currently working hard to improve our website performance. And it is hard.


To us this means attracting more potential customers and then converting them to buyers.

Specifically – we do well on eBay but – being frank – that business belongs to them and not us and so we need to boost sales on our own business websites. Online retailing is hard so we may as well put all that effort into our own long term success.

Now many agencies will tell you they can improve your sites performance and no doubt some can but our plan here is to document just what we are doing and whether or not it works.

We have asked an agency to help us. And we have read a lot of great books on the subject.

The site name? We currently have 2! Bamford Trading and Sanding Belt Sales