Directing Amazon Buyers to YOUR listing

As we know Amazon is a great marketplace.


It is catalogue based meaning all sellers compete on one listing and buyers nearly always buy on price alone. This means your listing can be buried in the mass and overshadowed by the seller with excess stock, better buying power, lower overheads or simply unaware of his/her true costs.

So how do you direct potential buyers to YOUR listing.

Amazon have made it easy.

In Seller Central it is now possible to customise the view. Simply mark the column ‘Listing ID’ as visible and you now have a clickable link to your own listing to which you can direct email enquiries and similar.


How Things Change

I like to read the retail industry weekly Retail Week.

It does tend to (irritatingly) focus on personalities, awards and similar instead of real life issues facing retailers and etailers but it is also a good general barometer for all retailers.

When we first started to subscribe to it (about 4/5 years ago I guess), the word Internet was a dirty one. e-Commerce was definitely the poor relation and those working in it were not ‘Retailers’ in the true sense. I felt like a spy reading it.

How things have changed.

This week many of the main stories featured etailers, ecommerce, multi-channel. And some of the big names were there prominently talking about their web-sites and how successful they were these days.

Marks & Sparks are slowing the growth of their new bricks and mortar stores in favour of ‘striking the right balance between stores and online’.

The ‘Cookie Law’ was front page news.

Waterstones have got into bed with Amazon to sell the Kindle!

House of Fraser is said to be ‘Driving online investment as ecommerce sales rocket’.

Mamas and Papas are ‘to sell via marketplaces’ in recognition that their own website can’t reach all its target market.

Click and collect  is a large part of this of course and one of the initiatives we are working on is encouraging locals to click and collect from our warehouse. Marks & Sparks reckon that 40% of orders placed using their Shop your Way initiative are collected in store so this has to be something all small etailers and retailers need to consider.

I’ll let you know how we get on.


Battle of the Marketplaces Update

This weeks update to the Battle of the Marketplaces post.

The most visited UK shopping sites.

This week I’ve added a further metric which simply shows the total of the two giants. The purpose is just to show if they together are growing market share or if any of the others are taking it. This week all the others are staying where that were in the pecking order so no changes.



The Shopper ‘Spring’

After updating the ‘Battle of the Marketplaces’ post I began to wonder if there is a ‘Shopper ‘Spring’.

It’s a small sample but Amazons share of shopping visits does seem to be going down over the past few weeks. What can we take from this? A number of people have commented recently that buyers are tiring of large corporates generally – take Tesco for example – the supermarket giant is seeing falls in market share too.

Are buyers at last feeling that corporate greed deserves buyer strikes? eBay after all is still made up of many thousands of smaller sellers despite the rise of the ‘outlets’.

Lets hope that small independents get the benefit of any ‘shopper spring’


Battle of the Marketplaces

Update 18/05

Amazon on the up? After coming down from over 9% in February to under 8% last week have taken a slight upturn. Keep watching.

Let the battle commence

Ever wondered which marketplace has the most users? Which one is gaining share and which losing it.

Wonder no more, here is the definitive chart to be updated each week  with the latest scores.

Information courtesy of Retail Week/Hitwise.