eBay General Announcement: – Email addresses, offers to sell outside eBay and some URLs no longer allowed in eBay messages

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eBay’s announcement:
We’ve updated eBay’s member-to-member contact policy to prohibit members from exchanging the following items of information in member-to-member

  • Email addresses,
  • Offers to buy or sell outside eBay,
  • URLs to non-eBay sites that don’t directly help buyers purchase items on eBay.

Messages that include phone numbers and links to additional information that aid in the purchase decision or facilitate item delivery will still be
permitted. These include warranties, manuals, and tracking links. We discourage buyers and sellers from sending offers to buy and sell outside eBay, as
these transactions aren’t covered by eBay buyer protection programmes.

For more information about these changes, see eBay’s Member-to-member contact policy, and learn more about eBay Buyer Protection.


The eBay-Team

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