Offering Upgraded Postage on eBay

We are always looking for more ways to win business. This usually comes down to offering something the customer wants. We recently looked at delivery options.

You probably know that in addition to a ‘Free’ postage option and a same/1 day dispatch commitment, the other service you must offer to achieve the ‘Premium Service’ badge on you eBay listings is an expedited delivery service.

We have recently negotiated a lower cost from our courier in return for increasing volumes. We were then able to reduce the upgrade cost. The idea being to try and grab some sales from people who like or need a tracked next working day service.

Using the excellent and flexible ‘postage templates’ in eSellerPro we can now offer a great deal on upgrade costs tailored to the size/weight of the item. Once we had calculated the costs we were able to update the postage templates and revise all our listings with the new charges – a 15 minute job.

So for many items which are below 1Kg the buyer can upgrade for just £2.95.

Guess what – at this price many buyers do choose to upgrade. Possibly winning us the business.


Update on using eSellerPro to manage the new eBay Picture Standards

So, by now I have realised I’m not going to finish work on all my images before the deadline of 1st August.

As the new standards don’t apply yet to existing GTC listings the concern is that listings will go live after August 1st with images which don’t comply. This can happen as new stock is delivered into inventory or old orders are cancelled/returned and stock becomes available to sell.

What to do?

eSellerPro has an answer.

If you can identify the SKU’s which don’t comply you can simply remove the Postage Template for those SKU’s. You can do this by SKU or by a ‘Bulk Update’.

When eSellerPro goes to list them it will fail and helpfully in the ‘More’ tab in Inventory you can search for SKU’s with listing errors. You can then go ahead and correct the specific image and head for the ‘Problems’ tab and ‘relist now’.


Problem solved.

How to use eSellerPro to Manage the new eBay Picture Standards

As most of us know eBay are changing their picture standards from August 1st. No longer will we be able to use images which include borders, text, or artwork on the picture.

eBay picture standards

The eBay link is Here.

So, if like me you have thousands of images which will break the new rules you will by now be working furiously to edit your images. One seller rang me this week worried that he had over 10,000 images to change – many of which were unavailable and new shots would have to be taken.

If you use eSellerPro then at least you have a powerful tool to help with the task.

1. Use custom fields to keep track of the images which need updating. Add a field called ‘Image checked’ or similar into a relevant Custom Group and bulk update your inventory records to a blanket ‘yes’. As you update images mark the field ‘yes’.You will at least then have a simple searchable method of finding those records which need your attention.



2. Use flags to achieve the same result – if you have spare flags.

3. If you have a large number of images to change, focus on those which need doing. eBay have said the changes won’t affect ‘good til cancelled’ listings unless you revise or relist them. So the major worry is new listings – especially if you use channel profiles to auto list items. So initially look for items which are set to auto-re-order. These are the SKU’s which are likely to surprise you by listing as they are booked into stock.


4. Work on your best sellers first. Use eSellerPro to find those SKU’s with the best success. You can do this using the built in reports or do an inventory search for items with recent sales:


eSellerPro – Channel Profiles – Powerful Tools for Multi-Channel Selling

Online retailing is tough. In many categories, in particular if you sell mass market products it’s very tough indeed.

You need all the help you can get.

If you care about customer service, and you sell on more than one channel, and you have more than about 50 products which sell well, you need some kind of back office multi-channel software. In fact even if you think this will apply to you in the future – you need it.

Help is at hand. The ‘Channel Profile’
eSellerPro utilises ‘Channel Profiles’ which as the name suggests profile your stock by channel.

They are clever things.

You can do things like sell 90% of your stock for a specific product on Amazon and 100% on eBay – so when 90% is sold the Amazon listing will close and you won’t oversell.

But that’s nothing.

You can use the Channel Profiles to price your products.


Using price formulas within the Channel Profile can calculate the selling price and by updating specific Channel Profiles you can update prices globally with just one or two mouse clicks.

And it gets better.

eSellerPro has up to 10 named prices per SKU so you could produce a formula which takes the cost price and adds a weighting element, a desirability element and multiplies it by a global constant to come up with a selling price. Different channels can have different weightings.


You can even produce a Channel Profile for items on Sale which Reduces the weightings.

If you use ‘Kits’ in eSellerPro you can use a ‘Keyword’ to calculate the cost price of the kits within the formula.

If Royal Mail increases the cost of postage you can simply increase the postage weighting to globally increase prices.

And it gets better.

With another keyword it’s possible to match all channels with the Amazon selling price to avoid the dreaded Price Parity strike from Amazon.

If you use Amazon price checking within eSellerPro you can now use this to re-price your eBay or website prices.

I told you they were powerful.

Beware though channel Profiles are powerful and it is possible to inadvertently end listings by making an error is allocations.

Speeding up Ordering in eSellerPro


Ever wished you could sort inventory by only those products which need re-ordering? eSellerPro has a great Purchase Order system but it is awkward to adjust re-order thresholds and quantities. So to manage these you have to move back and forth to the inventory screen and search for and amend each SKU. To make matters worse the column showing those lovely red exclamation marks isn’t sortable.

One way of ordering the inventory to show these is simple and a useful tip to save time.

Simply select each SKU and then sort the ‘tick’ column.


Now you can simply step through these items adjusting the re-order thresholds and levels. In this view you can also see which of these SKU’s have items awaiting dispatch further highlighting products needing re-ordering.

Until eSellerPro adds the facility to sort by products below re-order level we hope this saves you some time.