Marketplace Watch 23rd June

Update 10th August.

Overall market share continues to drop at both Amazon and eBay (UK sites). As they are both growing GMV its clear that the overall eCommerce landscape must be growing fast. Perhaps helped by the poor weather.

It’s also interesting that in this week the Olympic tickets site came in from nowhere to take 2.5% of the overall shopping visits – a huge volume.

Another 6 of the top 10 sites had a lower share than the previous week.

What’s going on?


Things continue to look shaky for Amazon and eBay as they lose overall market share.

As you can see I have added a trendline which clearly shows a steady fall in market share.

Of course the market overall is growing and so it doesn’t mean their GMV is actually falling.


Battle of the Marketplaces

There is a definite change this week with both eBay and Amazon losing market share.

You can also detect a trend of the two giants moving down to just over 26% of the total shopping visits this week from 29% in April. That is a massive drop in cash terms.

Who is gaining there share? From the data it looks as though Next and are the winners with both achieving around 1% of the market. (Next have a huge 7% of the share in the apparel category in the UK).



Battle Of The Marketplaces

There’s remarkable little change this week with the two top marketplaces unchanged.

There is one newcomer in the top 10 – At the expense of and Marks and Spencer.

I’m also getting wind that several other brands are getting in on the act. We all knew about Tesco but now I hear that Argos and Screwfix are well down the road to having third parties on their sites – watch this space for more on this not unexpected development.


Battle of the Marketplaces Update

This weeks update to the Battle of the Marketplaces post.

The most visited UK shopping sites.

This week I’ve added a further metric which simply shows the total of the two giants. The purpose is just to show if they together are growing market share or if any of the others are taking it. This week all the others are staying where that were in the pecking order so no changes.



The Shopper ‘Spring’

After updating the ‘Battle of the Marketplaces’ post I began to wonder if there is a ‘Shopper ‘Spring’.

It’s a small sample but Amazons share of shopping visits does seem to be going down over the past few weeks. What can we take from this? A number of people have commented recently that buyers are tiring of large corporates generally – take Tesco for example – the supermarket giant is seeing falls in market share too.

Are buyers at last feeling that corporate greed deserves buyer strikes? eBay after all is still made up of many thousands of smaller sellers despite the rise of the ‘outlets’.

Lets hope that small independents get the benefit of any ‘shopper spring’


Battle of the Marketplaces

Update 18/05

Amazon on the up? After coming down from over 9% in February to under 8% last week have taken a slight upturn. Keep watching.

Let the battle commence

Ever wondered which marketplace has the most users? Which one is gaining share and which losing it.

Wonder no more, here is the definitive chart to be updated each week  with the latest scores.

Information courtesy of Retail Week/Hitwise.