Update on using eSellerPro to manage the new eBay Picture Standards

So, by now I have realised I’m not going to finish work on all my images before the deadline of 1st August.

As the new standards don’t apply yet to existing GTC listings the concern is that listings will go live after August 1st with images which don’t comply. This can happen as new stock is delivered into inventory or old orders are cancelled/returned and stock becomes available to sell.

What to do?

eSellerPro has an answer.

If you can identify the SKU’s which don’t comply you can simply remove the Postage Template for those SKU’s. You can do this by SKU or by a ‘Bulk Update’.

When eSellerPro goes to list them it will fail and helpfully in the ‘More’ tab in Inventory you can search for SKU’s with listing errors. You can then go ahead and correct the specific image and head for the ‘Problems’ tab and ‘relist now’.


Problem solved.

How to use eSellerPro to Manage the new eBay Picture Standards

As most of us know eBay are changing their picture standards from August 1st. No longer will we be able to use images which include borders, text, or artwork on the picture.

eBay picture standards

The eBay link is Here.

So, if like me you have thousands of images which will break the new rules you will by now be working furiously to edit your images. One seller rang me this week worried that he had over 10,000 images to change – many of which were unavailable and new shots would have to be taken.

If you use eSellerPro then at least you have a powerful tool to help with the task.

1. Use custom fields to keep track of the images which need updating. Add a field called ‘Image checked’ or similar into a relevant Custom Group and bulk update your inventory records to a blanket ‘yes’. As you update images mark the field ‘yes’.You will at least then have a simple searchable method of finding those records which need your attention.



2. Use flags to achieve the same result – if you have spare flags.

3. If you have a large number of images to change, focus on those which need doing. eBay have said the changes won’t affect ‘good til cancelled’ listings unless you revise or relist them. So the major worry is new listings – especially if you use channel profiles to auto list items. So initially look for items which are set to auto-re-order. These are the SKU’s which are likely to surprise you by listing as they are booked into stock.


4. Work on your best sellers first. Use eSellerPro to find those SKU’s with the best success. You can do this using the built in reports or do an inventory search for items with recent sales: