eSellerPro – Channel Profiles – Powerful Tools for Multi-Channel Selling

Online retailing is tough. In many categories, in particular if you sell mass market products it’s very tough indeed.

You need all the help you can get.

If you care about customer service, and you sell on more than one channel, and you have more than about 50 products which sell well, you need some kind of back office multi-channel software. In fact even if you think this will apply to you in the future – you need it.

Help is at hand. The ‘Channel Profile’
eSellerPro utilises ‘Channel Profiles’ which as the name suggests profile your stock by channel.

They are clever things.

You can do things like sell 90% of your stock for a specific product on Amazon and 100% on eBay – so when 90% is sold the Amazon listing will close and you won’t oversell.

But that’s nothing.

You can use the Channel Profiles to price your products.


Using price formulas within the Channel Profile can calculate the selling price and by updating specific Channel Profiles you can update prices globally with just one or two mouse clicks.

And it gets better.

eSellerPro has up to 10 named prices per SKU so you could produce a formula which takes the cost price and adds a weighting element, a desirability element and multiplies it by a global constant to come up with a selling price. Different channels can have different weightings.


You can even produce a Channel Profile for items on Sale which Reduces the weightings.

If you use ‘Kits’ in eSellerPro you can use a ‘Keyword’ to calculate the cost price of the kits within the formula.

If Royal Mail increases the cost of postage you can simply increase the postage weighting to globally increase prices.

And it gets better.

With another keyword it’s possible to match all channels with the Amazon selling price to avoid the dreaded Price Parity strike from Amazon.

If you use Amazon price checking within eSellerPro you can now use this to re-price your eBay or website prices.

I told you they were powerful.

Beware though channel Profiles are powerful and it is possible to inadvertently end listings by making an error is allocations.

eBay General Announcement: – Email addresses, offers to sell outside eBay and some URLs no longer allowed in eBay messages


eBay’s announcement:
We’ve updated eBay’s member-to-member contact policy to prohibit members from exchanging the following items of information in member-to-member

  • Email addresses,
  • Offers to buy or sell outside eBay,
  • URLs to non-eBay sites that don’t directly help buyers purchase items on eBay.

Messages that include phone numbers and links to additional information that aid in the purchase decision or facilitate item delivery will still be
permitted. These include warranties, manuals, and tracking links. We discourage buyers and sellers from sending offers to buy and sell outside eBay, as
these transactions aren’t covered by eBay buyer protection programmes.

For more information about these changes, see eBay’s Member-to-member contact policy, and learn more about eBay Buyer Protection.


The eBay-Team

eBay General Announcement: ***Royal Mail price changes 2013 – Notice to UK sellers***



On 1 March 2013 the Royal Mail announced  it’s new prices for 2013 along with changes to the way some services are priced and new names forbusiness services.

What these changes mean to you.

Private Sellers

Letter Stamp Prices are unchanged from their 2012 prices. Therefore if the item that you are listing, or wish to list, will fit into a package measuring less than 2.5cm thick then you are unaffected by the changes.

For items thicker than 2.5cm the new “Parcel” format applies which will result in a price increase for sellers.  Sellers posting items that are  more than 8cm thick will now be charged Medium Parcel” format Royal Mail prices.  NB – There some exclusions to this rule.  Check Royal Mail’s guidance on this.

The full details of Royal Mail’s new consumer prices can be found here .

We encourage sellers to continue to shop around for the best service for them and their customers, particularly for larger/heavier items and we’ll be playing our part by offering services from a range of couriers, some offering large discounts, in our Label Printing service..

Business Sellers

Royal Mail has simplified its service names and lowered the threshold for eligibility to receive discounts as a business seller. Many Business sellers should now find themselves eligible for a Royal Mail contract and therefore be able to mitigate any impact on their postage costs. Full details can be found here . eBay will be updating the service names on’s flows to reflect these changes and we would encourage sellers to use the new names.

Postage Caps

As a result of these changes eBay will be reviewing the maximum postage caps that we have applied.  Further details will follow.


The team