Bamford Trading – 0.00128% Market Share

Spending on DIY Falls to its Lowest Level in 15 Years

It seems that we are spending a lot less on home improvements than we were at the height of the housing price boom in 2004 according to new figures from Lloyds TSB.

Experts put this down to lower household budgets and a fall in confidence as house prices stagnate.

We are spending half what we were on home improvement, decorating, building materials and tools compared to 2004. This is the equivalent of just £300 per household per year or £7.8bn in total.

This gives Bamford Trading a massive 0.00128% market share if my maths is correct.

So there plenty to go for!

The other good news for us is that the proportion of spend going to ‘Doing It Ourselves’ as opposed to using tradesmen has increased by 10% over the last decade. We now spend more on DIY than we do on employing tradesmen.

Spare a thought for the poor old tradesmen and women though we are now spending a massive 40% less on them than we were in 2001.


Marketplace Watch 23rd June

Update 10th August.

Overall market share continues to drop at both Amazon and eBay (UK sites). As they are both growing GMV its clear that the overall eCommerce landscape must be growing fast. Perhaps helped by the poor weather.

It’s also interesting that in this week the Olympic tickets site came in from nowhere to take 2.5% of the overall shopping visits – a huge volume.

Another 6 of the top 10 sites had a lower share than the previous week.

What’s going on?


Things continue to look shaky for Amazon and eBay as they lose overall market share.

As you can see I have added a trendline which clearly shows a steady fall in market share.

Of course the market overall is growing and so it doesn’t mean their GMV is actually falling.


Dropbox – Make your Life a Little Easier

I’ve mentioned Dropbox to anyone who will listen in the past but it’s worth another mention.

If you work on more than one computer or tablet the Dropbox will simplify your life.

This application allows you to simply drop files into a folder which is then shared across all your systems. You can also make sub folders public so you can send a link to anyone so they can share your file, picture anything.

And it’s free!



Google Alerts – Keep track of your interests

Google Alerts are an incredibly useful tool from Google.

Want to keep track of what others are saying about you or your website or even new web articles about your favourite celeb?

Use a Google Alert.

You don’t even need a Google Account.

Just go to and fill in the topic and your email address.

Hey presto as it happens, weekly or daily emails showing you what’s new on the web for your chosen subject(s).




Outside Light Project – ‘Free’ Solar Lighting for ‘Just’ £195.77…

…and none of it sold by us 🙁

OK it’s expensive and at 13p a kW/h I could run a standard 60W light for about 2.8 years for the same cost but – well – that’s not really the point is it?

I’ve long thought of having a roof full of solar panels and a large inverter in the loft powering our hot water but sadly that’s not going to happen soon so I thought I’d try my own mini project.

So here it is – my ‘free’ garden lighting project:

Solar Panel from Here
Leisure Battery from Here
12V Low Energy Lamp from Here
Lamp from Homebase


Battle of the Marketplaces

There is a definite change this week with both eBay and Amazon losing market share.

You can also detect a trend of the two giants moving down to just over 26% of the total shopping visits this week from 29% in April. That is a massive drop in cash terms.

Who is gaining there share? From the data it looks as though Next and are the winners with both achieving around 1% of the market. (Next have a huge 7% of the share in the apparel category in the UK).



Battle Of The Marketplaces

There’s remarkable little change this week with the two top marketplaces unchanged.

There is one newcomer in the top 10 – At the expense of and Marks and Spencer.

I’m also getting wind that several other brands are getting in on the act. We all knew about Tesco but now I hear that Argos and Screwfix are well down the road to having third parties on their sites – watch this space for more on this not unexpected development.